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Welcome to Celestial Designs! I want to apologize for being on hiatus for SOOOOOO long. In the future, I will just leave the original layout up until the new one is ready to upload so that I don't have to go on Hiatus. This new layout took approx. 5 days to perfect. I have had several emails and such asking where I download my textures and brushes, well, actually I make them all from scratch. The flowers used were also made by me from scratch (after many hours of labor XP) Any how, I'm glad to have the site back up and if you noticed, I have removed some sections (nothing important thought).  Enjoy your look around!

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DiSCLAiMER I do not claim any of the animes as my own creation and give the original copyrighters full credit. NO copyright infringement was intended when this site was created. If you see a problem, please contact me and let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!